the city moving | red cape studio
The City Moving
New York, NY • national premier 2004

Shanghai • "New York, New York" 2005
New York • "Invitational Student Film Show"
Phoenix • "Art Detour"

New York • "24 Hour Film Festival" 2006

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The City Moving is a 16mm non-sync film. The audio track moves fluidly into and out of sync with the picture. This unique relationship brings focus to the different types of movement that surround us on the street and the rhythms and patterns witnessed in the motion of an individual and that of the group. An infinite number of moments experienced by an individual and felt throughout the city.

The footage was shot over seven weeks on 5th Avenue between 54th and 55th Street in Manhattan. Additional footage of the New York City skyline was captured at the Queens Museum of Art. Sound design by Andrew Creighton.